The Concrete Repair Network offers a list of contractors who use Torque Lock Structural Staples to end structural cracking.

If they don’t use Torque Lock – call someone else.

The Torque Lock™ staple countersinks into the existing concrete structure allowing the installer to apply plaster, marcite, tile, exposed aggregate finishes, Chattahoochee, cool deck, or any other surface to create a finish like there was never a crack to begin with.

Installing Torque LockStructural Cracks Repaired


By using the patented Torque Lock Structural Staple and Stitching Method, users apply up to 5,000 lbs. of controlled compression on a crack, ensuring that it never separates again. Once installed, the surface can be refinished to appear that a structural crack was never there. After the crack is properly repaired using Torque Lock Structural Staples, it simply won’t separate again. It’s the only solution for structural cracking on the market.

Have a look below at how it works.

Torque Lock Installation Demo

Torque Lock Installation Demo

Torque Lock Corner/Radius Installation Demo

Torque Lock Corner/Radius Installation Demo

Torque Lock Staples VS Competitors

Structural Crack Repair and Epoxy Injection Failure